Screen Saver won't turn on

My screen saver will not turn on and my computer will not go to sleep. I’ve tried multiple screen saver settings (currently it is set to 1 minute 3d Text for testing) and I’ve tried setting it to none. My monitors stay on all night no matter what is running.

I started in safe mode and the screen saver worked, which makes me think it’s software related rather than hardware.

I do have a program called displayfusion that is for customizing multiple monitor set-ups and it has a feature where it can take over the screen saver. I’ve disabled this feature and also tried just turning that program off completely.

One of my monitors is a wacom tablet. I’ve updated the drivers for it and looked for settings but I can’t find any. I also turn that tablet off completely at night so I doubt it’s keeping the computer awake.

I’ve updated seemingly all of my drivers and tried closing basically every single program/process that I’ve put on here.

Is there a program that can tell me what is preventing it from going to screensaver? Basically a program that keeps track of background demands that are happening that would cause my computer to think it is currently in use?

I’m on Windows 10

This has nothing to do with Scrivener…