Screen Sizes

Just looking through the blog posts and it looks like all the screenshots are from a 9.7" iPad. I’m wondering how Scrivener for iOS will look on different screen sizes. Are there any previews that show the iPhone version? Any love for the 6/6S Plus?

(Because I can’t want five days to see…)

Here you go!

[size=80]iPhone 6+ in portrait and landscape.[/size]

The 6+ is unique among iPhones in that it sports a miniature binder in landscape mode. With this thing propped up next to an external keyboard, I have a hard time justifying a tablet. :slight_smile: Smaller iPhones will use the full screen for either binder or editor (same behaviour as portrait, only wider).

Thanks…now I really can’t wait!

This is the very first time I’ve ever wanted one of those monsters. :open_mouth:

Except it would put the lie to my main enthusiasm for iOScrivener: Being able to carry my Scrivener projects in my pocket.

Yes, I should have said, “…I have a hard time justifying a larger tablet…”!

Wow, yet another reason to love Scrivener. So many apps do not take advantage of the larger iPhone 6+ screen. Just very well done. Very well done.

Can we see how this might look on an iPad in portrait and landscape mode? Or is it for iPhone only?

PS Can’t wait either way!!

My boss has just bought a 6S+ and i agree it’s a monster. Definitely a device for a jacket pocket or cargo pants and definitely not womens’ clothes friendly, as my wife would say.

I was skeptical. I kept trying the 6+/6s+ in the store and thinking it was too big. Then I bit the bullet and bought a 6s+ and within a week I realized how great it is, by far the best iPhone I’ve ever used. I’d never go back to a smaller screen.

I think it’ll be this way for me too. I have a 6 and love it, but still sometimes jump back to my iPad mini to do things like type on a keyboard. I’d love to combine the two…which is pretty much what the 6S is, somewhere in between.

So to answer my own question, I guess I can just check out like EVERY post on the blog. :smiley:

I wish I could have typewriter mode on the 6+. ZI spent an eternity trying to find it after seeing the T in a circle on my ipad, but apparently it’s not there.
I think it would work great on the 6+.

BTW, after I bought mine, I had no issue with its size. other phones seem tiny to me now and I find it actually more Comfortable to hold in my hand to talk.

I guess that with the way I Have been upgrading to larger and larger screens on all my computing devices, soon I will be buying a phone that I can also use as a serving tray and a computer screen with holes at the corners to play pool with (or ping pong, or use as a dinner table). The internet of (large) things.