Screen split changes format?


I’ve been searching for other users with this issue, but didn’t find anything. Altough it looks like it is a bug, unless I click somewhere I am not awarte of.

So, when I split the screen to work with two at the same time, automatically the formatting of the ‘new’ screen that pops up changes. The thing is, it doesn’t only change the format of that document, but of the whole scrivener project when used in that new window. So, what I have is not only two screens where I can work, but two screens where the format of the whole project are different.

I attach screenshot so you can see how:

  • the right ‘text’ has a format ‘1-7’ (indent in 1.25)
  • the left ‘text’ has a format ‘2-8’ (indent in 2.25)

So, is any of you experiencing this issue? Is it a bug? Or am I just touching the worng buttoms without being aware of?

I have to say there are a lot of utilities I don’t use, and some others I might be using without realizing. hence, the problem might be mine.

Thanks a lot and hope you can help me out with this.

Something I forgot. As you can see in the screenshot, the page dislpay in the right ‘text’ is with ‘scrolling’ enabled, while the left one is in ‘single page view’. But I am trying to have the two in scroll mode, but I can’t find the way to do it. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

View -> Text Editing -> Show/Hide Page View, with the cursor in the pane you want to change.

The change in the ruler is an artifact of the difference between Page View and the standard view. The text “box” is the same size – 6 inches – and the underlying formatting is the same, but the two views use different “paper” sizes.


Hi Katherine, Thanks a lot! I Totally understood now what was the difference. I guess there is still a lot I haven’t learnt from scrivener. After you explained it, it appears as a very simple question. But it was really driving me nuts!


This is a common question, actually. People are so used to the WYSIWYG approach. But Scrivener recognizes that your final output might be a letter-sized manuscript submission, but it might also be a paperback book. Or it might be an ebook, where the reader, not the author, determines the “paper” size. You shouldn’t need to decide that while you’re writing.