Ok I realize that there isn’t much specific here, but I’ve really come to appreciate the use of screencasts for programs like Yojimbo and OmniFocus to help get a quicker understanding of the big features.

I’ve googled around a bit but don’t see one anywhere. I’ve heard great things about Scrivener but can’t really wrap my head around it and my attempts to flub my way through have left me frustrated.

Have you tried working through the tutorial? It is an excellent introduction to the main features, and I found it invaluable when I first downloaded Scrivener. And it’s hands-on, which is heaps better than a screencast (in my opinion, anyway).

It’s also one of the best-written tutorials you’ll ever come across.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I saw it and have looked at it. I think it will also be handy. But I don’t see it as an either/or :slight_smile:

I bought iShowU sometime ago for the specific purpose of doing some videos on using Scrivener. Unfortunately, as I’m a one man show, I just have not had the time to put anything together yet. It will probably be the summer by the time I do, in fact (by which time I will be in a house with a spare room for my “study”, meaning that I could do something like this without 1) children screaming “whaddaya doing, Daddy?!” and 2) feeling slightly embarrassed at doing a voiceover in the living room whilst my better half is trying to watch The Apprentice).

I think Tre mouthing off in the background would add a certain je ne said quoi…


I can’t understand the problem. Anyone with a certain experience in writing should see from the screenshots available how Scrivener works and what it is good for. If one’s not sure, one can download a trial version and have a look. A tremendous tutorial is available, plus a lively forum. I cannot see what an additional movie should do except keeping the developer (i.e. Keith) from developing his own novel further…

…if you allow me the reminder. :mrgreen:

Some people do like to look before they download, and some learn better from a visual example. If (if!) Keith ever has spare time, a video that shows a few basic things, like adding a new document to the binder, moving it around, and clicking on several files to create edit Scrivenings session would help newcomers see how easy the program is to use and how great it is at organizing a project. It’s not necessary, though. Writing the novel is much more important.


Hi luomat,

If you let us know the kind of stuff you want to use Scrivener for you will find the forum users will magically solve any problems you have.

Ask and you shall receive!!!

(good line that - think I’ll use it in a story).