Screening by Label or Status or Keyword or Other?

Is there a way to screen index cards (or binder elements) by label or status or keyword or other meta-data element? For example, when viewing detailed elements of a lengthy story (say, a couple hundred plot points/elements) in corkboard view, is it possible to limit the cards displayed to those with a particular label (or status, or whatever)?

I know that cards/elements can be placed one at a time into a collection, but I’m wondering whether Scrivener can screen them according to label (or other) automatically – while maintaining their binder order. If so, how?


Yes, just use search collections (instead of regular collections). Search by whatever meta-data you wish using the search menu (click on the triangle next to the magnifying glass in the search field) and use “Save Search…” at the bottom of that menu to create a search collection. Then you can re-run that search whenever you want, and clicking on the name of the collection in the header bar above the binder area will open the contents of that collection in the editor (in the corkboard or outliner or whatever).

All the best,

Perfect. Thanks.