Screenplay and Scrivenings Questions

In my attempt to stay in scrivener as long as possible pre Final Draft… In script/screenplay mode:

  1. Can I view page numbers in scrivenings?

  2. Can scrivener auto generate (MORE) and (CONT’D) across pages and scrivenings for dialogue breaks?
    (Just to clarify, I’m trying to replicate the effect of Final Draft’s menu item Document/Mores and Continueds… feature)

Any and all help gratefully received.

In answer to the page numbering question, I’d refer you to §20.2 (pg. 276). Since Scrivener isn’t a layout based program however, you’ll find that it doesn’t work natively with the concept of “what page is this scene on”. You could however pretty easily find out how many pages a scene is.

In the same vein, since Scrivener doesn’t do full page layout, it wouldn’t know where to put end-of-page text in the first place. In most cases you’re going to be doing the final polish in Final Draft or similar.


Thanks so much for the clarifications. The page 276 settings outlined match how I’m currently working, and just wanted to make sure I had the most accurate combination.

In relation to end-of-page text - understood. I’ve been doing final polish in Final Draft, as mentioned. Just seeing if there was any way to grab a bit more time in the warm embrace of Scrivener and a little less in the icy grip of FD :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I do empathise with that desire! :slight_smile: Right now when we create a PDF we, in very basic terms, feed it a long, long, long string of text and it is up to the OS X printing engine to splice that up into page-sized pieces. So, that’s the problem: we don’t have any control over the process once it has reached that point.