Screenplay as epub CSS glitch

I’ve discovered a glitch in compiling a screenplay to epub. Scriv seems to think ‘dialogue’ elements are ‘transitions’, and formats them as all caps, right justified. I edited the CSS by cutting and pasting the ‘dialogue’ definition parameters into the ‘transition’ definition, and all was well. However I guess it’s something that needs to be sorted on the next update.

Dialogue works fine, I just tested it - it must be something to do with how you have your own script formatting set up. The CSS is set up to work with the standard “Screenplay” script mode. If you’re using something else, or if you’ve moved the elements around so that dialogue isn’t the fifth element, then you will indeed need to edit the CSS to work with your own format.

It was the ‘fifth element’ thing. Didn’t realise it had to match in strict order like. But yes, sorted now, thanks.