Screenplay elements menu - editing/augmenting

I’m a long time user of Scrivener for novels and shorts. I’m on my first screenplay project. There are some choices I would like to make with specific formatting and the elements menu. Is it possible to augment the list of elements and create my own? and/or edit existing elements to fit my preferred formatting.

e.g. element Scene Heading i would like each scene numbered, and that number to go to the left margin, with a hanging indent. If i augment the formatting to fit my preference the element reverts to general text.
example 2 - FADE OUT or CUT TO: I would like to be right aligned, as a clear difference from FADE IN:, but again if i change the formatting on this the assigned element reverts to general text

is there a mechanism, for me to create an alternate (personal) elements list and enable it?


Rick Shaw
Leona Valley CA
author of The Tunguska Deception and Genesis Renewed, both written on Scrivener

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