Screenplay Format - Best Choice - Separate Document for each scene or not

I’m using Scrivener for Screenplays and a Mystery Novel.
For the screenplay format, I’m curious for those using it for screenplays.

In the binder:

  1. Do you use a separate document for each scene?
    Like, Love, etc. ? Advantages? Seems this would allow moving scenes around very easily.

  2. Do you use the binder another way, one document for each Act or something, or just the entire screenplay as a single document?

Thanks for any input/comments,
DrWeb 8)

Definitely one document per scene. That way you have access to all the organisational features (synopses, keywords, statuses, labels, the ability to group all scenes containing a particular character into a single ‘virtual’ collection etc) which make Scrivener stand out against its competitors.

An inobvious but useful technique is to brainstorm the scene in separate beats, each in its own document, then merge them all into a single document when the scene is finished.

This allows you to get a clear idea of the structure of the scene, and to focus on each beat individually. Scrivener is the only app I know of that can easily do this.

Aside from this, I use one scene per document, and I organize sequences and acts using folders.

Another technique I use is to brain-dump into a single document, and then split it into many smaller documents, each containing a single idea. Then I move the documents into appropriate structural folders. This is a variation on the Shoebox Technique.