Screenplay Format in ios

Is there a Screenplay formatted project available in ios Scrivener?

Yes :slight_smile:

I just started using the iOS version. The screenplay format works great but I can’t figure one thing out.

In a scene heading you start to type “Int. or Ext.” and it starts a great autocomplete. I type in the location and then want to proceed to the - DAY , NIGHT, etc. Usually, I would TAB and it would continue to this step for me. I can’t find a tab on the screen keyboard and the hyphen that could serve the purpose is not on the above quick symbol shortcuts. Am I missing something? This really speeds up the workflow and reduces format errors to be able to TAB through the elements and parts. Thanks!

Yes you are missing something. :wink:

The extended keyboard row has 8 keys on it, but can also be swiped left or right to give you a total of 24 customisable buttons. If you hold down on one that you don’t think you’ll use, a menu will drop down of all the different commands you can associate with that button. Tab is on that list.


EDIT: It’s there in the tutorial.


Tab isn’t available on the iOS standard keyboard, and we haven’t added it to the default extended keyboard row simply because for most rich text formatting, we discourage users from using tab (because it’s better to use formatted indents). For scriptwriting, though, you will want to add it. Here’s how:

  1. Pick a button on the extended keyboard row (the row of extra buttons above the standard keyboard) that you don’t need. Eight are shown at any time, but there are three sets you can swipe left and right through so there is a total of 24.

  2. Long-tap o the button you are happy to replace with tap.

  3. A list of available keyboard row command swill appear. Tap on the “Characters” tab.

  4. Scroll down to find the tab button (the right-pointing arrow with the bar next to it).

  5. Tap on it.

The tab button will now be available on the extended keyboard row for all projects.

Hope that helps,

Edit: Mark said it so much quicker. :slight_smile:

Hey guys!

I posted this as a separate topic earlier today, but I think it got buried. Since we’re on the subject of screenwriting, I thought I might pick your brains on some obstacles I’ve been encountering while using the App today. If you have an answer to any or all, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • How do I apply and format a Title Page on my screenplay (Project Title, Name, Contact Info, Date, etc)?

  • How do I format page numbers in the header so they appear in the top right hand corner? It seems, no matter what I do, that the page numbers appear in the middle of the footer.

  • How do I make sure that no page number appears on the first page of the screenplay, and that they only begin on the second page with the number “2” to conform to industry-standard formatting?

  • Also, (I could be wrong), but the page numbers appear to be in a different font from Courier. At least they appeared to be when I imported an existing .FDX screenplay. Thoughts?

  • I also noticed a strange page number error when importing an .FDX screenplay. It removed my page numbers, and moved them to the middle of the footer. Any ideas?

  • Is there a way to element the endless scrolling feature and implement page breaks while writing? I’d love to be able to write and know where I am, page-wise, without having to export to PDF.

  • Is there a way to write within different formats? For example, a TV pilot with act breaks?

  • Is there a way to import an .FDX screenplay and ensure that the title page comes too?

  • When I imported an .FDX screenplay, (and then exported it to PDF) it added a blank page at the end. This page does not exist within Scrivener while editing the document. Any idea why?

Wow, I can’t believe I missed that.- the top row being customizable. So nice! Thanks!

I used a Bluetooth keyboard and it worked great.