Screenplay Format problem, please help

I have completed a script with all formatting (elements: Scene Heading, Action, Character, etc) in place. However, after I have compiled to different formats (Fdx, txt) for different people, the elements in my original scripts were gone! Now the texts are simply ‘General text’

Problem Two: When I tried to format the text again by assigning the elements, the margins, indents were all wrong. Not sure what’s going on. Please help. Thanks very much.

It sounds to me as though you might have changed the script format in Scrivener, without updating the individual elements. This would cause it’s “understanding” of what is what to be messed up, and everything would show up as general text (and that would mess up any compilation). Check the Format/Scriptwriting/ sub-menu and make sure screenplay is listed at the top. If it isn’t select it from the list and choose to not update formatting when it asks. You’ll need to fix the ones you’ve changed by hand already, but everything else that hasn’t changed should go back to being recognised.

If it does say “Screenplay” at the top, and you definitely haven’t touched the Script Settings window, then maybe sending us a copy of the project would help.