Screenplay Format Questions

1.) How can we best keep up with our page count. I only see the choice of word and character count.

2.) Is there a way, when writing, entering Scene Headings, that it keeps those scenes headings in some sort of memory? Example: I want to write an EXT. scene on page 80 that was the same as in page 10, but I have to page up (or down in any case) to find how I wrote it out so it’s the same. Scriv has a memory that when I begin to write a scene heading as an EXT or INT - all I have to do is hit ENTER on the keyboard, but it doesn’t remember what is written for previous scene headings in the same manner? Anyway around these factors?

Project > Project Statistics calculates the page count using the current compile settings, for the full draft and for the current selection.

You can add text to an element’s auto-complete list in Format > Scriptwriting > Settings or to the whole project’s auto-complete list from the Project menu. (Project auto-complete text will appear for any element.) The shortcut Ctrl+G,Ctrl+A will add the current text selection to the project auto-complete list. You can change the shortcut from the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options… if you wish (filter by “Add”).

So simple… So helpful. Truly appreciative! Thanks for the time saver!