Screenplay format suggestion

So far, I am finding it fast and flexible to convert all the general text I’ve entered into script-format. Shortcut keys seem satisfactory and the ability to build a character list is great (but that reformatting whenever you alter the settings is a nuisance imho).
So, here is a suggestion. A great feature of dedicated screenwriting software is its ability to automatically “store/record” INT./EXT. locations so that you can type the first characters and a list will pop up of locations already used. Greatly enhances consistency and eliminates a lot of back-end work when you “clean” a script for submission/review.
Just a thought. :wink: Thanks!

EDIT: another thought, it would be great if you didn’t have to manually build the character list. Instead, whenever you identify a character it automatically gets included in the list that will display automatically when you enter the first character(s) of the character’s name. Very helpful when adding dialogue for secondary characters and extras like REPORTER #1, BYSTANDER #1.