Screenplay format. Windows version is more aligned left than the mac version

Via Scrivener 3, my Characters, parenthetical, and dialogue is centered when writing my screenplay while the ACTION lines are aligned to the left. This is the standard. I didn’t have to mess with any settings. With the windows Scrivener 3, it seems like everything is shifted to the left. Dialogue and Character is still not aligned left, but it’s not center enough. It’s not what I’m use to and I’d prefer the Mac version since it’s standard in lots of other screenwriting software. I used my script as well as the formatting that’s default within the screenplay template.

I’ve looked around in the settings and I can’t find a fix.

Pageview helps a little bit. Not a lot. Also when I select page view, it doesn’t save when I exit out. When I go back into my document, it still defaults to not having page view on.

ALSO. Page view makes my page (white background), turn grey.