Screenplay Mode - Courier Prime Fonts BUG

Hey guys.

Not sure if this has already been reported, but I’m getting a bug whenever I try to use the Courier Prime font inside Screenplay Mode. I’ve attached an image to compare.

Left Side - Courier Final Draft font
Right Side - Courier Prime font (same text)

I’ve tried closing out and reopening, but the problem is still there. I haven’t noticed this with any other font so far, but I’ve only tried a handful of fonts.

Hope this helps!


The font file may be corrupted. Try reinstalling the font. Make sure the previous version is completely removed before installing the new one.


Thanks for your reply.

It’s not the font; text displayed fine in previous Scrivener betas and also displays fine in other word processors, like LibreOffice.

Can you please navigate into your Scrivener installation folder. Inside you will find “fonts” sub-folder which contains TTF fonts.

Please, close Scrivener, and move the following files to a different location(Desktop for example):


Please, run Scrivener again and let me know the result.


That did it! Excellent suggestion. So it appears the fonts installed with the latest beta were the culprit? (I installed the new beta today) So Krastev was also correct in part, except the fonts were corrupted on the install level and not the system level.

Thanks so much for all your help guys! Now I have to go report another bug. :mrgreen: :slight_smile:

Indeed Courier Prime is shipped with Scrivener for quite a few versions. The bundled Courier Prime supports Cyrillic characters. It is not supposed to be loaded if your system already has Courier Prime, but most likely something is not working quite as expected.

Thanks for testing this, Southtownbluz! I will revisit the Courier Prime bundled font issue before the next update.