Screenplay mode - keeps switching to Monaco

I’m on a Powerbook G4, PPC. Running Mac OS 10.4.11.

When I switch to screenplay mode, the courier font inexplicably switches back and forth between the scriptwriting font and Monaco. (Mainly, it stays in Monaco.) I’ve searched through my Scrivener preferences - Monaco is not selected as the font for anything at all. This is the case in both an imported project and in a newly-generated (blank project template) project. Also, it doesn’t matter whether I’ve picked plain Courier or Courier Final Draft as the script default.

Scrivener Font.jpg

It only affects characters as I type. If I select-all and convert the whole document to CFD, that part of the document will remain in CFD. Only new stuff will be (mainly) in Monaco.

UPDATE. I went into the Script settings and switched the font for each element from Courier Final Draft to Courier. Then, when prompted to convert the script to the new settings (“this cannot be undone”), I clicked yes, and the whole thing was converted properly. And the problem went away – I can now type away in Courier. (None of the elements had been set to Monaco.)

This seems to squash the bug - but only for the one project. When I create a new project, the Monaco bug is back.

Is anything reported on the Console (~/Applications/Utilities/ What happens if you try typing in Courier or Courier Final Draft in other applications - is it fine elsewhere?

Oh wow. I was previously testing both fonts in Pages - no problem with them there.

But in Text Edit, Courier Final Draft shows the same problem. Constantly switching to Monaco.

Sorry for taking up your time! I will take it from here…

I’m glad it’s not a Scrivener-specific problem, at least! Scrivener and TextEdit use the same text engine, whereas Pages uses a different one, so it sounds as though there is an issue with the font in the standard text engine - very strange. If you find the problem, be sure to let us know, as it may help others.