Screenplay Mode to Final Draft

I’m trying to configure the best settings for exporting screenplay files from Scrivener and importing them into Final Draft. In particular, the apostrophes from imported text are straight up and down. Whereas when typed in Final Draft they are slanted.

Scrivener Preferences
Script Text Attributes: Font: Courier 12
Activate typographer’s quotes: OFF

Exporting from Scrivener
Select File > Export Files > choose Plain Text (TXT)

Importing into Final Draft
Select File > Open > and choose Plain Text file

I’d be curious to know if other’s have found a solution, or if I should change my settings and/or process.



When you export from Scrivener, make sure you choose “Straighten typographer’s quotes” via text options before exporting.


I think I figured this out. I dug around inside Final Draft, and found that within Document > Page Layout, there is an option “Enable Smart Quotes” which was enabled. The default is for it to be disabled, but for some reason it was on.

I presume what they are calling “Smart Quotes” is another word for typographer’s quotes. So the look of these “Smart Quotes” I was getting in Final Draft is what was throwing me off.


Hi Gerry,

Final Daft Courier and Courier are not the same fonts.

Final Draft Courier, to the best of my knowledge, is from the Monotype foundry; and Courier, a la Mac, is from Digital Corporation.


Final Draft Courier is © Final Draft Inc, created by VintageType

The guy who developed Courier Final Draft sells other Pro Screenwriter fonts on his site for about $30 each.

Final Draft offers Courier Final Draft for free download here

Thanks for the feedback. I guess when I upgraded to FD7 and then downgraded back to FD6 I forgot about the Page Setup option “Smart Quotes”. As a result, I didn’t realize it was enabled and somehow didn’t notice the changed look of the apostrophes. It was only after working in Scrivener and then importing into FD that I noticed this difference and got temporarily confused.

Regarding Courier Final Draft … have you worked with any of the Screenwriter fonts from VintageType?


Yeah, a buddy bought me the set as a gift years ago. They work the same as CFD; perfect metrics. I stopped using them because CFD is industry standard, and everyone has it in their office printer. No worries.

I personally like the look of Remington better than CFD, but standard is more important than pretty.