Screenplay opens with incorrect font

I had been working on a screenplay document. I emailed it to myself to work on it on another computer. On that computer, I installed the demo.

I opened the doc in the Scrivener demo version on the new computer and found that all my Courier font screenplay text was now Helvetica.

Newly-created script elements appeared correctly in Courier, but the stuff I’d done before had been changed to Helvetica.

Bringing back the document to my main machine, the change is persistent – now I have a mix of fonts.

Is this a known issue? Is there an easy way to change my entire script back to Courier?



To me, this sounds as though the other machine had a fonts problem - perhaps a different version of Courier, so that it couldn’t find the existing font and replaced it with the system default (which is Helvetica for rich text). I’ve never heard of this happening before, though, and am surprised that the change is persistent. It’s also strange that the other computer had Courier on it and so could create new elements in Courier. Have you definitely been using Courier and not Courier New or Courier Final Draft?
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Was the second machine (the one that has the demo version) upgraded to Snow Leopard? There are known issues with SL and fonts. Most of the time the symptoms in scriv are hieroglyphics, not a straight change.

Snow Leopard no, but well spotted KB, I had set my screenplay font pref to Courier Final Draft, a font not on the other laptop. Thanks!

So now that we figured that out, how can switch my text back to Courier or Courier FD en mass? Changing it back and forth in the prefs doesn’t work.


Follow-up: I couldn’t figure out how to fix this all at once, so I manually went through each paragraph and hit Cmd + Y, then Enter for each one.

May I humbly suggest that the preference setting for screenplay font affect existing paragraphs as well as new ones?