Screenplay :: Research = Script Format?

I didn’t see this mentioned elsewhere, but I would be surprised if it hasn’t come up before.

It appears to me, presently, that if I choose to start a project that is of type “screenplay” then the research “text” files take on the same script format. While this makes some sense, I find that for me (and I suspect for most) the research material I want to have on file within Scrivener isn’t pieces of script but true (or RTF) text files.

So this is feedback and a wish list item: to allow both ‘screenplay’ and ‘true/RTF text’ as element types available in the Research area.


You already can have both types (which I guess is why it has never before come up :slight_smile: ). The scriptwriting mode works per-document, not per-project. When you create a new document inside a project, it will be created in the mode (scriptwriting or not) that you are using for the current document. So if you are you in scriptwriting mode and create a new blank document, no matter where in the binder, it will be created in scriptwriting mode. But then you just go to Text > Scriptwriting or hit cmd-3 to turn off scriptwriting for that document.

Turning the scriptwriting mode on or off has no effect on documents other than the current one.

Hope that helps.
All the best,