Screenplay Right Margin

So I’m just now getting around to playing with the screenwriting function, which is a shame since that should be my focus…But anywho. I was resizing the window and noticed that the action paragraph would grow and shrink relative to the window size. I checked around and noticed that this was a bug that was reported, but supposedly fixed in version 1.6. Except it doesn’t seem to be fixed. I’m not sure if this bug’s popped up again or if there’s a setting I’m missing or some third thing. But I thought I’d make note of it again!

EDIT: I should also mention that this affects the dialog margins as well.

I come bearing a related-ish problem and a screenshot! I saw another thread about scriptwriting in which the format becomes severely squished to the left upon opening, but this occurred in a compiled project. I compiled using .docx and this is the result:

I also took a screenshot to show the margin problem that I talked about: