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Hi Keith

I’ve been working using the screenplay format & obviously, move between characters and scenes regularly.

If I am working in scenes, adding dialogue for example, and then I decide to add a character, I go to the character tab, click the + (in green circle on top menu) for a new character, and in fact what is created is ‘New Scene’. This ‘new scene’ comes up in the character tab, meaning I have to delete it and start again.

I have found this repeatable if I am actually adding dialogue and then go direct to characters.

I am running Mac 0s x 10.7.2. Let me know if you need more

It’s no huge problem, but is frustrating after a while so thought you would rather know.


The green plus thing is for creating whole new items in the outline, so unless you are wanting to add a new character sheet or something with details on someone, this probably isn’t what you are wanting. To simply change your formatting mode to Character, use the scripting menu in the footer bar of the editor. If you are are wanting to add a character sheet, you’ll want to focus your binder selection on an external folder to the draft. Something either in the research area, or in a folder just for characters depending on how you’ve set things up.

Or, if you are trying to add a character sketch, you should use Project > New From Template > Character Sketch. The green “+” button just adds a new blank text document.

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So is the green button not a way to add characters?

It actually does just that, just not consistently (see previous comment)

I understand there are other ways to add new characters, but I didn’t realise (if I understand the points of reply well) that the green button isn’t one of them.

If so, then is it a bug that it does exhibit this functionality sometimes, or a bug that it doesn’t at other times?

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Ah, what’s happening is that when you add a new document (not from a template), it will use whichever mode you last had loaded, so if you were working in the dialogue section with script mode turned on, when you add a new document it automatically is created in script mode (and so titled “New Scene”). If you load a character document or other non-script mode document first, clicking the button to add a new document will create the document likewise not in script mode.

Just retitle “New Scene” whatever you really want to call it as a character sheet and use Cmd-8 to switch it out of script-mode. There’s nothing else special about the document, so no need to fuss with deleting and recreating.

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