Screenplay Tutorial for Scrivener?

I’m doing ScriptFrenzy this year, and I’m really struggling to make any use of Scrivener for writing a screenplay. I’m using the Windows beta version (downloaded 2 days ago), and the only tutorial I can find is a video which doesn’t actually cover how to work with formatting for screenplays.

What I’m doing so far is that within Scenes, I click on “Format, Scriptwriting, Script mode - Screenplay”.
When writing, when I hit the return, a popup box comes up with the following list: “Scene Heading, Action, Character, Parenthetical, Dialogue, Transition, Shot, General Text”, but when I click on any of those choices, the popup box goes away and nothing happens/changes in the formatting.

At this point I could probably work faster just using Word, but I keep thinking I must be missing something with Scrivener.

Any ideas?


Have you had a look at the documentation, yet? There is a chapter on scriptwriting, starting on page 105. It’s not a tutorial, but the first part of that chapter walks you through the process. Then it gets into the particulars in the latter portion.

Oh, I’d be happy to read through any documentation; where can I find it? I haven’t bought a Windows version of Scrivener (Didn’t think they have a marketable version for Window available yet, but I could be wrong), I just downloaded the Windows beta version that’s available online from Scrivener.

The link Ioa put in the response above will take you to the forum thread explaining the in-progress documentation and providing a link to download the pdf. :slight_smile:

I see. Got it.
Thanks much.