Screenplay writing switches font every time I make a new line

I bought Scrivener for Windows, and it worked great the entire time I used it. I recently switched my singular hard drive over to Linux Mint, and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this error.

Basically, I can change the entire document to the font that I want (Courier 10), and that works fine. I can type in existing paragraphs – but when I hit enter to make a new line, the font switches to DejaVu Sans. I have ttf-mscorefonts-installer installed on my system, so I should have all the necessary Microsoft fonts.

I went into the Scrivener options, navigated to the editor panel, and changed the default font. That did nothing. I restarted scrivener as well to see if that was necessary.

Does anyone know a fix for this? It’s very very frustrating; DejaVu Sans is hideous, and I can’t imagine writing my screenplay without Scrivener.

I tinkered around with it over a period of days and I found half-fix for it, figured I’d post it here so everyone else can see. Basically, you need to install the font Courier Prime, which does not come in the ms-corefonts package. Once you do, new lines will force Courier Prime and not DejaVu. It’s not really a fix if you hate Courier Prime, but I find it a great deal more tolerable than DejaVu, so it’s good enough for me.