When I look at the tutorials, I see a list of script types just below the word “screenplay” in text>screenplay. When I check what I have, I see nothing below “screenplay.” Am I missing something? I would like to use the U.S play mode, but I don’t see it.


I am not a screenwriter so I never use the Screenplay options but what I think you are describing are TEMPLATES.

If you look on the Scrivener DMG file you downloaded there is an Extras Installer. I think if you quit Scrivener and run that Extra’s Installer it should install those templates for you.

Hope that helps.

No, it’s not templates, it’s script styles. However, I think the same solution (install the Extras) applies.

I hate to sound completely stupid, but how do I do that?


As Wock said, open up the Scrivener.dmg file you downloaded, and there should be a folder on there called Extras. Open that folder and follow the instructions in the ReadMe file.

Thanks, I found it. For some reason I hadn’t downloaded the dmg file with Scrivener, so I re-downloaded and found it, and now I have all I need. Thanks for the help.