I am trying to use Scrivener for a screenplay. I chose the screenplay format when choosing a new project.

Then, as the instructions said to, I went to Format, Scriptwriting, but the only option available after that (the other two are grayed out) is script settings. The other two options did show up after I had written a page and was editing what I had written. I am having difficulty getting my screenplay to even look like the sample script. But I will continue to work with it. So far, I have ended up with two different font and font sizes depending on whether I have used the top menu bar to access the script elements menu or if I have used the actions given on the bottom of the screen (the tab if you want this or enter if you want that)

I am hoping that this is only because you haven’t really worked on this section or that I am that unfamiliar with how this works.

(Script Frenzy has started, fyi. :slight_smile:)

I had some problems with script settings a couple Beta-versions ago, but it’s smoothed out for me. I’m also using the Stageplay format …

Wondering whether there is a difference, I opened a screenplay format and started playing around. I didn’t have any problems with it … any ideas for how I can try to duplicate it? Then maybe I can play around with it … you know, in my spare time … I’m doing Screnzy and National Poetry Writing Month …

Once I had written a page and started editing and then adding, everything smoothed out. Things seem to be working.

Except that now, sometimes when I go back to add to a paragraph, I will get all caps instead of upper and lower case letters. Also, when I want an Action, sometimes I will get everything typing out in all caps and sometimes in upper/lower case. i will keep an eye on it. It could be that I am doing things that I should not be doing and that is why I am getting some funky things.

I will just keep on using Scrivener. After I added a page break before the next section, the title page was on a separate page. But I would have thought that that would have been the default since it is when using the Novel MS format.

I can confirm having the same problem with a new screenplay project. What I did to get the text files into script mode was to delete them and create new ones. Then I could select the other two items in the Format > Scriptwriting menu. Until I recreated them, I was unable to select either “Script mode - Screenplay” or “Show Script Elements Menu”.

Perhaps, however, it may in my case have something to do with how I created the text elements in the first place. What I did was create a new “Act 1” folder. Then I created another folder under my “Act 1” folder. Then I changed my mind and converted the second folder to a text file. Then I noticed it wasn’t in script mode and I couldn’t change it. I had to delete it and create a text file with CTRL+N. Then I could switch to script mode.

mtommos, greetings to a fellow Script Frenzyer!

I found my general issue with getting files into script format. For me, it was a problem of focus. If the text file that I wanted in script mode did not have focus (that is, the text cursor was not blinking inside it), then I could not select script mode. But if I clicked inside the text file and, therefore, it had focus, then the script menu items were enabled.

This might be a subtle enough problem that the documentation folks want to note the problem, but for me – not necessarily for the original poster – my problem was “user error” or maybe “user inexperience”.

Ah, yeah, that’s a bug. You should be able to select the document in the binder, outliner, or corkboard and convert it to script mode or to regular text. I’ve made sure this is on the list along with a handful of other bug fixes and tweaks for scriptwriting. Thanks!