Hi Keith,

I got to thinking that perhaps users of Scrivener could contribute screengrabs to you so that you could put a page of illustrations showing how different people had adapted Scrivener to their work.

There is an example of the kind of thing I had in mind here:

I think it would help everybody to see such shots. I imagine you would set the guidelines and just post the ones you want on the Scrivener site.


Hello all;

I had a very exciting day using Scrivener! (I’m a Wacko!)
Anyway I was so thrilled I took a screenshot and posted it!

Structure>Script>Video>Video Notes.

Check it out and let me know if I am getting excited about something or nothing.


Man Mountain.[/url]

Hi manmountain,

Does the link require authorisation?


Sorry 'bout that. I’ve taken the security off.

You now have security clearance.


I just discovered this behavior using dual monitors and Scrivener’s full screen mode. I thought it might be an interesting addition to LL’s screenshot thread.

While it may defeat the purpose for many, I find it a neat feature that allows both full screen writing and the convenient use of more distractible resources as well. :wink:

Scrivener Full Screen on Dual Monitors.

The picture is a combination of the right and left monitor views, stitched as a panorama.
In reality, there can be a sufficient distance between the two monitors/views to allow relatively distraction-free full screen writing with the normal scrivener resources a mere twist of the neck away.

I wonder if this is the intended behavior with a dual monitor set up?

Either way, I hope it remains as the default behavior.



Yes, this is absolutely the intended behaviour - you should be able to refer to your research in the main window on one monitor whilst using full screen on the other. Some users would prefer full screen to fade out the other monitor, and this will be added as a preference in a later version (1.5-ish), hopefully, but the behaviour you describe will certainly remain as an option too - like I say, this was 100% intentional.