Screenwriter's crazed rant...

about why he will NOT read your f**king script. Absolutely hilarious.

At the request of a close relative, I recently read a “manuscript” by one of his friends. The guy is a psychologist, his idea is extremely interesting, he asked me to help him get it published but he CANNOT write. I spent (wasted) over an hour trying to edit his FIRST paragraph into something that resembled (marginally) readable prose, finally sort of succeeded, emailed it back to him & never heard from him again. This well-educated man has absolutely no ability to write, no idea that he can’t & doesn’t even “get” what’s involved in creating a paragraph (much less a sentence) that will draw in the reader.

I’m sure this has happened to many of you, too, so I’m posting this lunatic screed for your pleasure.

Good thing I’m not trying to write screenplays!

he does sound a little peeved. I shan’t be reading that to my 5 year old for bedtime stories I fear.