Screenwriting - Action --> Character

When I’m in Screenwriting mode, in an Action paragraph, both [Tab] and [Enter] take me to the Character element. Once I start typing words in the action element, hitting [Enter] takes me to a new paragraph in Character element.

This should be changed. Hitting [Enter] once you’ve typed some action should take you to a new Action paragraph. Then, if you’re ready for a character, you can hit [Tab].

Scrivener’s behavior would then square with Final Draft and Movie Magic, and moreover it’s the only way that makes sense. (As it is, if I want to write two action paragraphs in a row, I have to hit “Enter – Cmmd-Y – 2” after every paragraph.)

I’ve added this to the list of things to look at for 1.01. Fortunately this is not very difficult to change, I just need to check it against Final Draft and others.

That’s how it works on Celtx too.

I’d like this change as well for 1.01, if it’s not too much trouble.

As I already said, this is on the list.

Whoops. Was reading too fast to notice the words “on the list”. Sorry. But thank you!!!

No problem. :slight_smile: FYI, I’m hoping to get a 1.01 update out in a couple of weeks or so, so it shouldn’t be too long a wait (though just to cover my own back I should say that a couple of weeks could turn into a month, especially given that I have jury service the week after next…).

Don’t forget to factor in the vacation time for 1.0 Release Celebration!

just to say that I was also have trouble with the short-cuts and how wonderful is to have a commited developer!

nice job!

Fix this and you have my cash. I have been evaluating Scrivener for a couple of days now, and I am very impressed. A few tweaks to the screenplay mode will make it just about perfect for knocking out writer’s drafts.

This is actually done for 1.01, which should be available for download in about a week or so, all being well.

Fantastic! :smiley:

one thing i really love in celtx and that speeds up the whole process is this, when writing action, hit enter and i type a new paragraph of action, then hitting enter two times (hitting enter on a blank line) will get me to character. the same when writing dialoge, hitting enter on a blank line of dialoge will take me to action. Hitting enter on a blank line of action (with no action previously typed in) will get you to a new scene header.

Also, would it be possible to have an option to get each new scene in a different file? So you easely could rearrange scenes without having to copy and paste?

I would really love if this could be implemented in scrivener! I think it speeds up the writing process alot and one can go just use enter and not worry about tab at all, or at least not that often.

Thanks for a great program! Will register the first thing when the new paycheck comes in!

Hi hallagallo,

As for getting scenes in new files - well, in Scrivener, it’s totally up to you how you arrange your scenes. If you already have a long document that you want to cut up, rather than using cut and paste, you may want to use Split at Selection under the Documents menu. You are free to put each scene in a different document though so that you can easily rearrange them. Then you can use Edit Scrivenings to see what they look like together, and export them as a whole.

As far as double return goes - that gets a bit more complicated. In 1.01, if you hit enter in Action, you stay in Action, but if you hit tab, you go to Character. You can keep tabbing until it goes to Scene Heading, though.

All the best,

Hi Keith and thanks for the quick reply!

Looking forward to 1.01!

Split at selection will work great! Thanks for the tip!

No problem. :slight_smile: 1.01 should be out later today, as I’ve moved some stuff I had in mind that will take a little while back to 1.02.

Thanks for fixing the Tab/Return function in screenplay Mode. Now I can just write the scene without thinking about how to drive the program, just like FD and MMS.

Looking forward to learning all the cool new fixes in 1.01! 8)