screenwriting elements shortcut suggestion

Hi there

I am currently working through a film treatment, adding in script elements as I go sequence by sequence. So I am hitting CMD-8 a lot to bring up the screenwriting menu, then hitting CMD-SHIFT-Y to get scene headings etc.

I’d like to suggest that in a future update the key combination CMD-SHIFT-Y not only brings up the screenwriting elements, but, since the combo has no meaning when you’re NOT in screenwriting mode, it also automatically switches you to screenwriting mode, obviating the need to do CMD-8 first.

Whaddya reckon???

Awesome, awesome software!


Hi Robbie,

The trouble is that we already have users accidentally switching into screenwriting mode (and not knowing what has happened) by hitting cmd-8 without meaning to; I am therefore wary of allowing another keyboard shortcut that might cause users to switch to screenwriting mode accidentally.

By the way, have you tried using opt-cmd-1 - 9 for element shortcuts too? That saves you from using shift-cmd-Y at all.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Hi Keith

Thanks for your response ! And I see your logic.

Actually I hadn’t tried opt-cmd-1/9, I’d been taking the long ‘Shift-Cmd-Y followed by initial letter of element’ route - and was excited to try it out, had already begun thinking about how to etch the initials of each screenwriting element into my keyboard…! However I’m buggered if I can get it working. Does it require a full keyboard? (I’m on a late 2006 MBP - though have Mac Pro at home where I can experiment later.)

(BTW this post = pure, sheer procrastination. Somebody tell me to get back to work.)

Get back to work! :slight_smile:

What happens if you go to the Format > Scriptwriting > Change Element To menu? If it appears empty, try switching out of Scrivener and back again using cmd-tab. There is a bug whereby sometimes it doesn’t get populated as it should do if you switch between windows or applications in a particular way, and if the menu is empty then the shortcuts won’t work. This bug has been fixed for the next update, which will be out very shortly.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Ca marche, you were exactly right - let the keyboard etching commence…