Screenwriting formatting issues on compile

I just started on a screen writing project with scriv and did a test export to final draft. One of my scenes that had very short lines of dialogue and a lot of parentheticals freaked out on export. attached text file.

please advice. i can power through so much faster in your app than bloatware final draft. the lag on that app kills me.

rob (49.7 KB)

You’re not crazy, I had the same reaction when it happened to me. Since the screenplay exports to TXT, the formatting is, of course, lost. I’m given to understand that when you import the txt file into Final Draft it’s supposed to sort out the formatting itself. I can’t say as I don’t have Final Draft (I just pass my scripts off to my Producer and he formats them in Final Draft).

For a start, there seem to be some odd characters in the text file you include - possibly for that version you didn’t straighten typographer’s quote in export?

Anyway, I tried importing it into FD and indeed, the format is all over the place (dialogue isn’t recognised as such). I guess this is just a limitation of the FD .txt importer. The good news, however, is that as of the next update (Scrivener 1.12), Scrivener will be able to import and export Final Draft File Converter Format (.fcf), which will pretty much guarantee that the main eight elements are maintained between import and export.


Hi keith,
Is this in place now? I have a nearly finished script that I want to export to FD but having similar problems stated here.

No. It will be in the next beta, which should be out in a week or two (possibly longer), then in the next official release, which will be another month or so.