Screenwriting keyboard shortcut(s)

The blog entry on screenwriting makes a reference to screenwriting “keyboard shortcuts”, but I don’t seem to be able to find documentation on them. I know that tab will cycle between (most of the) elements, but is there an equivalent to the shfit+cmd+Y (letter) sequence on desktop Scrivener? Thanks!

Hi Xof,

If you hold down the Command key while editing a document in screenwriting mode, you’ll get a display of all the shortcuts (two screens worth – you have to swipe left to see them all)!

That said, here they are:

Command-Option-1: Scene Heading
Command-Option-2: Action
Command-Option-3: Character
Command-Option 4: Parenthetical
Command-Option 5: Dialogue
Command-Option 6: Transition
Command-Option 7: Shot

They’ve been very helpful to me!


Hmm, good point, I think we omitted documenting those anywhere! I’ll add a note to the tutorial.

I was going to post some bugginess I had trying to work in screenplay mode where using tab and return keys seems counterintuitive and at times pressing tab once will (let’s say) switch to character- then switch to transition. Another time pressing return kept dropping down to do a parenthetical. The process isn’t as seem less and intuitive as I’ve known it to be with Windows Scriv., so perhaps it will get a little smoother with future updates.

Thought I would search the topic first and found this. Shortcuts will help for the time being!

Thanks again- been waiting for iOS release for a couple years now, and super appreciate all the hard work!!! (It’s a gem!)