Screenwriting mode bug - chooses wrong (dialogue etc) format


So, I’m writing a screenplay in Scrivener (v2.5) and I keep coming across this annoying bug where Scrivener will “guess wrong” what text format I want.

For instance, I’ll type a character name in and hit enter, and instead of switching to dialogue, it’ll be in “character” mode again.

Or I’ll press enter after writing dialogue, and it’ll stay in dialogue mode.

Etc. Etc.

Any thoughts?


My guess is that you are accidentally holding the Shift key down while hitting return (perhaps in anticipation of typing a capital letter). Holding Shift down while hitting return prevents the element from changing (as in Final Draft). Next time you notice it, check to see if this could be the issue.
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Hi Keith,
I do do that intentionally sometimes but not in the cases I’ve mentioned. In these cases the program itself seems to be hiccuping on something.


I’ve periodically seen the same behaviour. However, if you delete/Cut back a few lines you can usually get it to fix itself. I usually Cut the last bit of text, delete up a few rows, then Paste it back in.

I haven’t noticed a pattern to it happening, but it’s pretty infrequent for me. It’s happened perhaps three times in 30 pages of text. (Which, with such an easy fix, doesn’t hit my personal radar for “annoying”.)


One other thing to look for is that you haven’t got a space character after the cursor at the end of the line, as that would cause a return event to be interpreted as splitting the current element rather than as the creation of a new element.
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