Screenwriting Name Select

Hello, I can’t seem to find an answer on this, so it might be really simple and I’m just missing something!

When I’m writing in screenwriter mode do I have to touch the screen every time to select my character name? Scrivner auto completes the character name but pressing ‘enter’ doesn’t put me on the next line to continue with dialogue.

Thank you.

I’m really new to Scrivener IOS but it seems when you press enter if you don’t get the action you want (character, dialog action…) by pressing tab you are cycled through all the available script options.

Thanks for the reply, and tab is very handy indeed! However, it’s more like the pic attached that I’m looking to get to the bottom. I type ‘N’ and it autocompletes ‘NED’ - now I’m just wondering how to select ‘NED’ from the keyboard. I can touch the screen to select it but that slows down the flow of dialogue considerably. On the Mac version, I just hit ‘return’ and it selects the name and drops the cursor down to the next line ready for dialogue.

Just in case someone else gets caught with this: it was simple after all. In Scrivener settings there’s an option to ‘autocomplete.’ When you enable that the software does indeed autocomplete and put you on the next line ready to dialogue. :slight_smile: