Screenwriting -- page break question

Using the compile draft, I’m looking for a page breaking option.

How in Scrivener do I keep a screenwriting style not to page break after it? Example: I don’t want to to page break after the character’s name and before the dialogue. Or, I don’t want a page break after the scene heading and before the next text.

I believe most writing programs have style options such as “do not break next line” feature.

Thanks for the info!

Put simply, you can’t. This is why Keith always recommends you use a pro formatting program - in this case something like Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter or similar - to format the finished text once you’ve written the draft in Scrivener.

[EDIT TO ADD: and that’s exactly what I do with my scripts, for both comics and screenplays. Scriv is perfct for drafting, but once you get to the finished submission stage, you should switch to a dedicated formatting app.]

Is this possible for a future version, or simply impossible with the Mac developer tools? Again, I can’t believe there’s no style checkbox “do not page break after”.

To put it frankly, it is highly unlikely that this EVER makes it into Scrivener, even were Scrivener ever to feature a page view. It is very, very difficult and tricky to implement something like this using the text system as it is. If you think that even a dedicated word processor such as Mellel took several years to implement widows and orphans. Scrivener had to ditch widows and orphans for printing recently because no matter what I did - after months of work on it - there were crashes. A “keep on same page” option would work exactly the same, requiring the text engine to move certain lines of text down to the next page during live layout of the printed document, and this is what causes all the problems.

Scrivener is not and will never be designed for final page layout. For that you will always need a dedicated word processor or scriptwriting program.