Screenwriting: "remembered" items...

The only major thing missing in your Screenwriting Mode implementation (for me) is for the program to “remember” various items (character names, locations, etc.) with an Auto-Complete option… (Never mind having these regarded as separate pieces of data; that’d be nice, but really, once the piece is completed or near completion, one could xsfer it to a dedicated screenwriting package of choice for breaking down). Not having to retype complete locations/names/etc. would just make it much easier/faster to use.

There could also be a short list of “built in” auto-complete choices for standard, commonly used items, i.e., “INT., EXT., I/E. – DAY, NIGHT,” etc.

Add this and you have a KILLER screenwriting development program… Actually, you already do! It’d just be nice to have the actual first draft built in as part of the Scrivner project (not to mention your SWEET fullscreen mode!)

Thanks for a great app!


I agree that it would be nice to have these features, but I doubt it will be a priority for a good long while. In the meantime, you might want to give TypeIt4me a try. I use it, for instance, to generate the fully formatted and correctly placed name of a character by typing the first letter and hitting “” which is right above the return key, hence quite convenient.



Note that although I failed to mention it anywhere in the Help file (whoops), you can already get things like INT. etc. When starting an Scene Heading, just hit alt-Esc or cmd-period to bring up the auto-complete list. Similarly there are options such as “FADE OUT” when you hit these key-combos when creating a Transition.

There is currently no way of remembering character names and adding this to auto-complete. This feature might be nice for normal fiction writers, too, of course. I will add it to the 1.5 list. I will probably implement it so that you can define your own auto-complete list in a sheet, and have a separate key-combo to bring up an auto-complete list with just the items you have specified; another approach would just be to add them to the standard auto-completel list, though… I don’t mind taking suggestions on that.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll have a look at TypeIt4me…

And thanks for the response; glad to see this is on the list for 1.5!

As for implementation, I would strongly suggest avoiding the need for special key combos to call up suggestions… Ideally, the suggestions would be context-appropriate; i.e., when I am in CHARACTER NAME style, only previously used Character Names would be suggested. Same with Locations.


I agree. This is what screenplay writers are used to in Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter. Which would make their transition to Scrivener seemless.

As for finding keyboard shortcuts for Screenplay Styles, I understand that the “standard” key combos are taken (cmd-1, cmnd2, etc.)… Using Opt-1, Opt-2, etc. (matching #s to those used in FD) seems like a pretty straightforward alternative?


The Option/Alt key is already used extensively by text views in Cocoa, so this is not an option (no pun intended - well, maybe a little). For instance, if you hold down Option and use the arrow keys, the cursor gets moved to the end/beginning of paragraphs etc. If you hold down Option and press any other key, you get various symbols.

How about using/adding Opt? Or Cntrl (i.e., Cmnd-Opt-1, Cntrl-1, etc.)? In fact, having the NUMPAD # keys do the job “unmodified” would be fine. Not sure how easy it is to distinguish these in actual implementation, but the “upper row” # keys would still be available for writing numerals.

I think having an “odd” kbd shortcut isn’t really a problem since there are only 7 and besides, using a keyboard shortcut should really be the alternate way of reaching a given style… Hitting Tab or Enter until you get what you want would be the default method. What you have now is fine; the addition of a way to “force” a style is all that’s needed, for when cursor placement makes Tab/Enter behavior unpredictable.

Remembering Locations & Char Names, now that’s the big one, here! :smiley: