I’m a professional screenwriting and I’m starving to have an application that works good for me. Scrivener seems to be the one I was looking for. A single proram that permits me to outline my story, and to write it for the first draft. But the dream for me is to never use Final Draft anymore. It will be some improvements on the screenplay mode or will remain like this? The margins seems a bit strange for me. The action goes to far on the line. It is a bug or what? When you export to final draft the margins goes back right? Is there a possibility to change margin to the different styles? And will it be the possibility in the future to number scenes?
Can anyone of you tell me your thoughts about the screenplay mode? And some suggestions for other program dedicated to scrrenwriters? Sorry for my not good english but I’m italian.


The screenplay formatting is based on the standard screenplay format, as defined at Wikipedia and in the BBC specs.

If you export your screenplay as plain text (.txt) and then import into Final Draft as a screenplay, it should work fine (though some minor tweaking may be required).

That said, there will be no changes to the screenplay format in the immediate future. But I do know that Scrivener in its current incarnation has been used to create treatments for a popular BBC series and is being used by several professional screenwriters for drafting their screenplays, though. :slight_smile:

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But why the action goes all the way to the end of the ine. Is too much.

hydrogen, you might want to try out Montage (if you haven’t already).

Scrivener can be used to some extent for screenplays, but obviously wasn’t built for this from scratch. I guess for some people it works for screenplays, for others not so much.

I don’t understand the problem. Action should go to the end of a line. Perhaps you are mistaking Scrivener for a page layout program? Scrivener does not work in pages - that is, it does not try to show you how your work will look the printed page - so if you have your text view wide, then the text of the action will seem wide. But the important thing is what gets put on the printed page. When you print with one inch margins, the action is exactly as it should be. You will find this no different in Montage or other apps - the only difference you will find there is that they have a “page layout” view that shows you how it will look when printed on A4 (or whatever) paper with one inch margins.

So: no, it is not too much.

Hydrogen, you might want to check out this thread: … .php?t=753

Would it be a huge headache to give the ACTION paragraph a hard right margin, like DIALOGUE?
When you change the text view width, ACTION reformats, while DIALOGUE doesn’t.
If ACTION had the same kind of right margin as DIALOGUE, then ACTION could stay at a uniform width when you changed the text view width.