In the course of setting up Dropbox I see that Scrivener on iOS won’t recognize scrivx files generated by Scrivener for MacOS and saved to the Dropbox linked folder on the desktop.

I’m missing something, but what?

(I don’t know what I expected but Scrivener on iOS is an elegant work of art. Now if this dumb user can only start using it…)

For a valid project, you need the entire .scriv package. The .scrivx file alone is not terribly useful.

How did you save the project to Dropbox, please? And what do you see in Finder on the Mac side?



Answering your question, I used the ‘Copy’ function in Dropbox to move the project file into Apps/Scrivener/. I did this because I was not able to locate the file in the Dropbox directory using Scrivener, although the file was indeed in the Dropbox folder. Once I moved it Scrivener iOS found it but apparently it was damaged.

Just now, on the iMac, I double-clicked the scrivx file in the synced local folder, which was opened by Scrivener as expected and appeared to be normal at first glance. Scrivener immediately threw up a fairly long dialog (which I didn’t copy), explaining that the extension .scriv needed to be added.

Then, looking back at Dropbox it appears that Scrivener renamed the local folder formerly Apps/Scrivener to Apps/Scrivener.scriv; Dropbox updated and now the remote is the same: a directory changed to a file…

I get the package concept. Apparently I’ve managed to unwrap a package through Dropbox’ copy function. I can restore of course but don’t want to do anything until you reply as the project is very far along.

To make things more complicated as I’m preparing this response, Scrivener on iOS immediately quits after briefly showing the splash screen. I haven’t seen this behavior before. I restarted the iPhone to no avail (still seeing immediate quits) but one problem at a time.

The crashing issue easily resolved by deleting the app from the phone then syncing and letting iTunes re-install the app; no re-download needed.

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You mean you used the web interface ( to handle the files? Why didn’t you just copy or move the project in Finder, on the Mac?

Yes, it does sound like the Dropbox ‘Copy’ function unpacked the project package. Don’t do that.

To fix it, here’s what I’d suggest:

  • On the Mac, use Scrivener’s Save As command to save a new copy of the project, with a name that you will recognize, to a location outside of Dropbox. Then close Scrivener.

  • Next, still on the Mac, delete everything in the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder (including the folder itself if it has been turned into a project by adding .scriv to it).

– If you don’t see this folder in Finder, then you’ll need to look at your Dropbox configuration to figure out why not. Make sure the Dropbox software is installed. Then, in the Dropbox Preferences pane, look at the Selective Sync menu on the Account tab to make sure the folder is set to synchronize.

– If you had to delete the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder, synchronize all devices to make sure it is really gone. Then create a new one with no content.

  • Once that’s done, use FINDER to drag the new copy of the project that you created up above into the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder. Allow everything to synchronize and you should be back on track.