Script, compile with header showing Act + Scene

I have searched the forums but I haven’t found an answer (or at least one I can understand) to the question: how do I compile my playscript that in the binder is Act I, Scene 1, Scene 2 etc with each scene a separate file so that on compile the header will say Act 1 Scene 1 etc?

Does anyone have an answer to this? I have tried various place holders without success.

Are you on Windows or macOS and which version are you on?

Jen, I am on Windows 64-bit. I should add that the title of each document in the binder is Act I, Act II etc and each scene is a sub document of the relevant folder Scene 1,2,3 etc so a place holder using the title of the folder and sub-doc should work. The setup is structure based and the play compiles correctly using the Act {N] Scene [N] format.

Can you clarify what is unsatisfactory about the way the Compiler is creating the document? Is it the page breaks, the way each page it titled? Both?