Script-element switching

In Celtx if I press cmd-1,2,3,4,5,6 etc it changes me to an assigned script element. This REALLY speeds up my script-writing.

In Scrivener, is it possible to do something similar?

Command-Y brings up the element selection popup, then type the key associated with the element to select it.

Not quite as fast as cmd-1, etc., but [a] remember, Scrivener is not a dedicated scripting app, and [b] you quickly get used to it. So used to it that I actually find myself hitting cmd-Y in Final Draft, now.

And, of course, you can hit tab to switch between certain elements (as in FD), and customise which elements should come next via Text > Sriptwriting > Script Settings…

Of course, but I assumed Celtx does that as well… is that not the case?

Thanks Keith.

That’s exactly what I needed to know. I already was using the TAB key, but it’s limited when you’re jumping around what kind of script elements you use (I write a lot of scores for physical theatre, rather than “scripts” for dramatic theatre).

And Anthony - Celtx does use TAB

Looks like Antony provided you with the useful information and I just accidentally tried to teach your grandma to suck eggs.* :slight_smile:

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Oh Christ - I thanked the wrong person. Am extremely tired.

Not a phrase I hear a lot but I do know it.

Are you from London too?

I’ve lived here for 13 years and both my kids are Londoners, though I was originally from in the West Midlands.

That’s crazy - I was a Leicester boy as a kid, but have lived here for about 10 years.

What part of the midlands are you from?

A village called Polesworth, nearest town Tamworth, about fifteen miles from Birmingham. Has Leicester still got that nasty one-way system? :slight_smile:

I think so; I can’t see that changing any time soon. That’s why we always caught the bus into town.

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And I was born in Birmingham. So now we know that American Scrivener users are all from Portland, and British users are all from the Midlands :slight_smile:

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Do Portlanders own shovels or ice scrapers? I know I needed to get 1/2" ice of the windshield this morning (Wock, mind if I come visit? the weather AND food suck up here).

If I remember correctly there are a few Rocky Mntn folks who could teach me about shoveling snow these days (what did you guys get, 2-3ft last night?) but with the giant puddle just north of the house we get small ice storms all the time. Makes for lots of bumper car rides to and from work.

Why would we need ice scrapers for our bikes? Don’t you know that Portland is the Amsterdam of the US? Bikes, light rail, buses, streetcar, tram, feet. the only people in cars are from the 'burbs.

Actually, it depends on where in the greater metro area you live. For us: scraper yes, shovel no. But we live downtown and seldom drive thanks to the plentiful alternative transportation options. We just got chains for our tires for those winter trips over the mountains, however. And Portland was just blessed with 3 inches of snow yesterday. I’m working on stories in LA and San Francisco this month, though, and missed it.