Script elements - remove line break spacing between elements

Hi there!

I’m currently using elements to generate styles for a comic script template I’m working on. Right now, I have a “Panel #” element and am trying to make it so when I press enter or tab, the “Description” element appears to the right of it on the same line. Currently when I press enter or tab, it starts the “Description” element on a new line.

How do I remove the spacing/line break so my “Description” element is on the same line as my “Panel #” if they are two separate elements?

Thanks for the help! (: slightly_smiling_face:

I am not the script format expert here, but …

In (Johnston’s) Comic Book scriptwriting format the Panel Number and Panel Description are simply not designed to fall on the same line. So, you will need to (duplicate and) customize the scriptwriting format.

My guess is you will need to make a paired element instead of two separate elements, call it Panel Num & Desc. Then you will be able to tab from the first logical part to the second and keep them on the same line, but control their distinct formatting, whatever it is. So, in your custom format you can add the new element and make sure it works as desired before ditching the original two panel elements.

You should look at a script format that has a paired element and that will give you the lead you need on how it is done. For example, open up the Script Settings specification for Stage Script (UK) and look at the Character & Dialog element. ((Careful! Don’t do this with an existing script doc selected. Instead, make a new document and with that selected, you can goof around with switching the script setting in order to poke around.))