Script Font Formatting not sticking between computers

Hi folks,

Apologies, if this has been asked and answered elsewhere… I couldn’t seem to find a thread with this type of issue.

I’m currently working on my 3rd screenplay project in Scrivner since starting to use the software last year (well technically it’s a 3rd draft of the same project I started with, but it’s via a new project file). It’s a a screenplay and as with the first two rounds of work, I did all of my big prep (work in the corkboard, note taking, outlining, etc) on my iMac which has a nice big display and a secondary one as well. It’s running Lion (10.7.5) and everything has been going great.

Now I’m ready to get to the actual writing, and for that I like to work on my laptop so I can get out of the office. That laptop is on the old side, a 2006 Macbook stuck in Snow Leopard (10.6.8).

Last night, when I opened the file for the first time on my Macbook I discovered that while the element formatting of the script transferred fine (that is, scenes headings, characters, etc are all in teh correct place) the font settings did not. Everything is Helvetica and several points larger than it should be. Scrivner still says it’s in script mode, and oddly enough some documents where I cut and pasted out of QuickReference windows on the iMac before moving computers include some sections in Courier Final Draft in the correct size. Here’s two screencaps to show you what I mean.

I checked and the script settings in the Macbook’s copy of Scrivner are all set as I’d expect. I tried creating a preference file off of the iMac and loading that on the Macbook but it didn’t fix things. Did the same thing with a theme file (including all of the fonts when I saved the settings as a theme) and it didn’t help either.

Both computers have Scrivner v 2.5 installed.

I’ve got the project file syncing via Dropbox (I’m careful to never have them open at the same time, follow Keith’s other best practices from the manual and the post in this forum) and previously I had no problem switching between computers. My over-all workspace layouts were different (as intended) but all my other settings in terms of how script mode looks carried over just fine.

Interestingly, if I close the file on the Macbook, wait for the project to finish syncing to dropbox and then open it back up on the iMac everything still looks great. Whatever the Macbook’s problem is, it doesn’t seem to affect the iMac.

Is the issue just that my Macbook is old and Snow Leopard doesn’t play as well with the newer version of Scrivner? Or is there another really simple fix that I’m totally missing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


The way fonts work in rich text systems such as Scrivener is that the font details are embedded in the project, but not the font itself. So, when Scrivener loads a rich text document, that rich text document tells the OS X text system which fonts it uses and it’s up to the OS X text system to grab those fonts and use them for display. If the fonts aren’t available on that machine for some reason, then a substitute font will be used for display on that machine.

So in your case, it looks as though there is a problem with the fonts on one of your machines.

The first thing I’d try is checking the name of the font used on the machine where the fonts are working fine. I know you mentioned Courier Final Draft, but could it be that the documents actually use a mixture of Courier Final Draft and another kind of Courier, for some reason? If so, perhaps the other Courier isn’t working on your other machine.

Next, I would open up Font from the Applications folder and look through the list of fonts to see if any have a little warning icon next to them. That would indicate that there is a problem with that font on your machine that might cause it not to display properly.

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Thanks for the response Keith!

I took a quick look in the fontbook app of both machines last night and saw that they both have Courier Final Draft on them… but it didn’t occur to me to check and see if the machine where things are honky dory was using some other font as well. I’ll take a look at that (and see if there are any errors as well)

Hopefully it’ll shed some light on what’s going on.

Thanks again!

Hi Keith,

Quick update:

As near as I can tell the machine that’s working fine is only using Courier Final Draft. I opened up fontbook and there was indeed an error on that font reporting that there were multiple copies installed.

I used the “Resolve Duplicates” command to remove the duplicates from the “all fonts” system folder. The fonts no longer show errors (though I do see the disabled duplicates greyed out if I search for them in the system folder as opposed to the user folder).

I checked on the other machine, and there were no errors associated with the font. Opened up the Scrivner project on that machine and saw the same font behavior.

Do I have to actually trash the duplicated fonts files? Or would you have any other suggestions on where I might look for a solution?

Thanks again!