Script formats not available in scrivenings

Is the Windows version different from the Mac in terms of the treatment of script mode in scrivenings? (and so does this advice [url]] does not apply in Windows?)

My problem is: When I display a group of documents, all of which are in script mode, as a scrivening, the script mode footer is not displayed. When I edit using the keyboard I get the expected script mode behaviours for Tabs and Enters. But Ctrl+\ does not work, and I cannot change the script formats.

As a work-round, I’ve tried to switch between scrivening and single-document edit mode. Is there a quick way (single click?) of displaying a document that is in the middle of a scrivening as a single document so that it can be edited?

Yes, Windows is handling this differently, though unless there is a technical reason I’m unaware of (which is not impossible), this is at least in part a bug; if all the documents in the session are in script mode, the session itself should be, as described in the linked thread. So I’ll bring this up to Lee’s attention and we’ll see what can be done.

In the meanwhile, you can use View > Go To > Editor Selection (Alt-Shift-Down) and View > Go To > Enclosing Group (Alt-Shift-Up) to switch back and forth if you’re viewing a composite, or View > Editor > Backward in Document History (Ctrl-[) if you had a multiple selection.

Thanks, Jennifer. The work-rounds you suggest do help to navigate, but they don’t do exactly what I need - which is to display a document in the middle of a scrivening for editing, given that it cannot be edited within the scrivening. But I’ve found a solution - which is to open a second edit window, and set it up so that clicking in the window with the scrivening displays a single document in the second editor. Script mode is then fully available and I can edit.
I take it from your remarks that I don’t need to report the bug.

It seems a long time ago I reported this - was it ever logged as a bug? because the problem is still there.

If a container, all of whose contents are script mode files, is displayed as a scrivening, then the keyboard shortcuts to access screenplay formats do not work, and the bar at the bottom of the screen does not display screenplay format options.

It’s a major bug, imho, making scrivenings useless for screenplays writers - and as the name suggests, scrivening mode is one of the program’s core features! :cry:

Can you please confirm this been logged as a bug, or is script-writing functionality not intended to be available in scrivenings mode?

Sorry, missed this earlier. Yes, it is logged as a bug; I can’t say when it will be resolved, as I’m unsure of the technical complications. I am aware that Scrivenings is being overhauled for the next major version, so it will certainly be fixable then, but I have nudged the issue with the developer and we’ll see if it’s something that can be worked out sooner.

Thanks, it would be great if this could be fixed earlier - it’ll make a real difference to my writing day. :slight_smile: