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Hello, I’m a new user and I can’t seem to get the script shortcut (scene-character-dialogue-transition etc) as part of the extended keyboard, they remain up there in the top bar of the window in a drop down menu which is a major time waster for the way I work.
There must be something I did not get (I’m often stupid! lol) is there something I should do?

many thanks for any help you can give me and my apologies for asting your time

U. (going crazy trying to work with the script things up there)

I bought the app 12 hours ago and unless there is a keyboard script extension like on other similar apps I’m going to have to give up scrivener: adapting to scrivener (IF there is no keyboard extension - could be something I did not see) and using the drop down menu instead would demand too much effort and I just dont have the time.
I just wont use the app, too bad I bought it (I dont suppose I can cancel my buying it)
Sorry for being an annoying person - I’m sure your app is great for people who dont have strongly ingrained work habits and narrow deadlines


You mean a row above the keyboard with buttons for script elements? I’m afraid that’s not possible in Scrivener, no. The problem is that whereas most script programs only allow a limited number of elements (Scene Heading, Action, Character, Dialogue, Parenthetical, Transition and Shot), in Scrivener, you can create absolutely any script format (and elements) in the macOS or Windows versions which can then be used in iOS. So, for instance, “Stage Play (UK)” has "Scene Heading, “Scene Action”, “Character & Dialogue” and “Dialogue (Cont.)”. And users can define any elements they want (“Comic Script” has different elements again). So we can’t provide seven fixed buttons since users could have defined any they want (of which we have no knowledge), and the elements could be different between projects.

I am always looking to refine Scrivener, but offhand I don’t have a good solution for putting these buttons on the keyboard row because of the reasons given above.

You can tab at the start of a line to switch between elements, though, and if you’re on an external keyboard, you can also use Opt-Cmd-1 - 9 to change elements without taking your hands off the keyboard.

If you’re really not going to use Scrivener because of this, though, you should be able to ask Apple for a refund (we have no control over refunds since Apple controls the App Store). I believe they will give refunds if you ask within a few days of buying an app. Of course, we’d be sorry to see you go!

Thanks for your interest in Scrivener anyway!

All the best,

Kb many thanks for your answer, this is a problem for le as i plan to work anly on ios not mac so i wont be able to make the most of scrivener
Best wishes to the team