Script Mode - academic

Scrivener win 1.0.1 on vista and 7

Script-mode can be used to fit the needs of academics when it comes to special emphasis in the text, similar to scriptwriting, no much difference. No wonder that there are more than a few posts discussing the use of script-mode for academic writing. For instants, MimeticMouton provides a mla-format template in this post - nice pet:

So, script mode works just fine if you need special emphasis in the text: blockquoting and citations, info boxes and interview material, inline quotes and everything others which comes along within an academic non-fiction text.

But script mode is designed to fit the needs of our screenplay writers and not the one of publishing academics - a few feature are invaluable for academics but worthless in script-writing and therefore not included in the script mode. For example I can not use script mode simply it has no word count feature, without life word count I cannot measure the lengths of my paragraphs or text period while I am writing.

Therefore I like to throw two hats in the ring:

  1. in the short run: the option for life “word count” in script mode
  2. in the long run: a discussion about an “academic mode” for academics just like the “script mode” for screenplay writers, who fits the needs of the scientific village rather than the needs of Hollywood.

How about that?

Cheers Simo.

I subscribe your wishes. I’ve always thought Scrivener holds a lot of potential for giving a better academic writing assistance. A discussion about how an academic mode (or a non-fiction mode perhaps) could work seems very interesting to me. Anyways, I never thought of scriptwriting mode as a way to assist me when managing interview chunks and blockquotations, so thanks also for sharing the tip, sounds very interesting. I’ll give it a try.