Script mode and Screenplay menu

A short wish: I’d love to see text editing options like the screenplay menu in a small floating semi-transparent window, where a simple click on a style would modify the text. Does that sound realistic?


Out of interest, why would you want such a thing? Wouldn’t that be a little distracting? The screenplay elements are already available from the menu at the bottom in the footer view…

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My suggestion came after I tried the Screenplay mode, and found that the menu at the footer was not a quick place to go and make changes. We’re used to text editing menu’s at the eyes’ level or slightly above, besides other edit functions - like in Final Draft (despite I tried it and still prefer Scrivener for several other reasons). Therefore I first thought of a menu placed somewhere in the ruler, then of a floating window where you could click on styles like on keywords and the change would be done in one single click. It wouldn’t be distracting, simply faster to apply styles when such changes are many through the text. (That may not occur so often when you write a novel, whereas it’s frequent for essays, scientific papers where in-text citations are many, and even more for scripts where every other paragraph has another style).

Lukum, are you aware of the keyboard shortcut to bring up the script styles menu?

Type cmd-y and the menu activates - you can then use the cursor keys, or just type the shortcut letter, to select an option and return will activate it. Much quicker than using the mouse, especially if you’re in the middle of typing.

Got it. Actually IMHO it’s counterintuitive to type two shortcuts (one for activating the menu, and another for the style). It’s certainly easy when you’ve used the keys combination for a while, but it’s not obvious to have two editing systems (one for regular text, the other for screenplay) which are not located around the same spot in the ruler, and which do not share the same shortcut system.

Actually, the keyboard shortcuts are pretty similar to the way Final Draft does it and, as you say, it becomes almost muscle memory after using it for awhile. Also, when hitting enter after an element you are automatically brought to another element and you can then tab to get an alternate (like in Antony’s template when you hit enter after a Character element, you are brought to a Dialogue element and you can then tab to get a Parenthetical).

My only complaint, at first, was that you had to select a number for an element after hitting cmd-y instead of a letter (like Final Draft) but it’s not that big of a deal in the end.

In recent versions you do select a letter - in fact, you can choose the keyboard shortcut that gets applied yourself via the Script Settings panel. (The next update might also have a separate submenu within the Scriptwriting menu that allows you to use cmd-opt-1 - 0 to select elements without having to go through the cmd-Y menu, also like Final Draft.)
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Thanks for this, good point! In fact keyboard shortcuts are certainly the best option.

I must be using an old template or something (probably the or something). Will dig around this evening… an now my once existing complaint is moot.

The cmd-opt 1-0 sounds great! The less keystrokes the better.