Script Mode: Character Name switches to Action element

When I’m working in Script Mode, a Character Name will occasionally change to an Action element when I hit return. I’ve held off on reporting this, as I can’t find a foolproof way to recreate the problem. However, if I end a dialogue with three periods or an ellipsis, and then hit Return + Tab to set up a Character Name, type the name and hit Enter, the switch will often occur. Anyone else see this?

Scriv 1.12


Is this always at the end of a document, by any chance? If so, I have the same problem. I’ve found leaving an “empty return” at the end of the document solves it, but I have no idea why.

Yes, it happens there. Testing that just now, I see that the Character Name switches to General Text, not Action, as I previously posted, and the cursor moves to the Dialogue entry position.

Sorry, still can’t reproduce it - can you give exact steps to recreate this?

For me, it only happens in Edit Scrivenings, and only on documents that aren’t the last in the group. In one of these documents, position the cursor at the end of the doc - the very last position before you’d trip over to the next Scrivening - and tab over to character name. For me, the cursor doesn’t move to the correct position until I start typing. When I then hit return to type dialogue, the cursor moves back to the left of the page (as if I was about to write an Action element) again, until I start typing, when it comes out correctly.

This is all on a test doc - I’m fairly sure I’ve had other odd stuff happen in working docs, too, with elements coming out wrong. But it’s always, without exception, because I’m typing at the last position in the Scrivening. If I enter an empty line, then move back to type on the line before it, everything’s fine. I always just assumed it was something to do with how Edit Scrivenings can’t select across multiple documents, to be honest, and just worked round it…

It happens this way for me, too. And the script mode indicator at the bottom of the screen indicates that I’m in Character, even though the cursor is positioned at Action.

When I start typing, it positions itself correctly, as Anthony indicates. But when I finish the character name and hit Return, that name flies over to the left and becomes General Text. The cursor again takes up position at the Action entry point. However, the script mode indicator now shows Dialogue, and that’s where the cursor goes when I start typing.

Ah, Edit Scrivenings - it may be related to another bug I fixed recently in E.S. E.S. has been overhauled for the next update anyway, and so far what you describe seems to work okay in the upcoming release (though I could recreate it in 1.11).

When the new beta comes out - not for a couple of the months yet - be sure to test this and let me know, as I’m hoping that it is fixed.

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It comes up literally every day I use Scriv, so testing it won’t be a problem :wink: