Script Mode Settings

I’m using Beta 2.1 with Vista on a Toshiba Duo Core, and testing out some of the sample documents in the Script Mode - April Script Frenzy and all.

  1. The default paragraph formatting gives me Characters that don’t line up with Scenes and Descriptions, and Dialogue that is indented too far on the right side.

  2. When I go to reset the settings to new ones, I can get them to do what they should do, but it isn’t intuitive. For instance, I want the Scene left indent to match the Character left indent. But that means that the Settings are for 0.5" on the Scene and 3.0" for the Character to make them line up. Maybe it is supposed to be a relative indent, but it seems to be confusing.

  1. I should have included this on the previous post, but the Acts and Scenes don’t end up right if you set them as Scenes with the Script Mode. You wouldn’t ordinarily have to - they are set in the right spot when you duplicate the scene file - but I tried it because

  2. The ACT [N] and SCENE [N] did not generate actual numbers upon compiling - in this case to PDF. I don’t know if this feature is intended to be included, but the “About This Template” file indicates that it would. I believe this is the case for the other script-related “About” files as well.