Script Popup - nonfiction, not screenplay

My project was set up as a nonfiction book.

However, the menu in the lower right of Composition Mode has “screenplay elements” listed - scene heading, action, character, parenthetical, dialogue, transition, etc.

Similarly, if I hit enter a second time in some documents, a menu pops up with those same choices.

I’ve repeatedly looked over the UI from top to bottom and I just don’t see another way to tell Scrivener that I’m writing a book, not a screen play. At the minimum I want to shut those menus off.

This app has a reputation for just getting out of the way so you can write, but so far this kind of thing has been a major distraction.

Any ideas on correcting this? Thanks.

Hit Cmd-8. :slight_smile:

You probably just hit it by accident when going for something else. That is the script mode toggle shortcut. Scrivener can set scripting mode on a per document basis (in fact there is no such thing as a “scriptwriting project” or a “novel writing project”—one can use Scrivener to write an adaptation by having both prose and script together).