Script/prose format linked to pane, instead of document?

I’ve literally only just noticed this, because of a couple of jobs I’m doing that require mixing script and prose formats in the same project. I’m almost embarrassed I didn’t realise it before, but hey ho.

It seems that the script/prose format selection is linked to the editor window, rather than individual documents. Thus:

  • Create a new document, and toggle the format to script format
  • Write some stuff in it
  • Create a second document, and toggle the format to prose format
  • Write some stuff in it
  • Click on the first document to select it
  • Notice that you’re still in prose format mode.

I first noticed it when I did something similar, and tried to continue writing script after I switched back - except, of course, the tab-to-format stuff didn’t work, because I was still in prose format, so had to toggle the format back to script before I could continue writing.

Now, I’m assuming that this is a deliberate behaviour of Scrivener, and it’s not just me being thick and missing something obvious. So can I ask why? :slight_smile:

I realise mixing the script/prose formats in a single project isn’t normal usage, but it does happen, and the current behaviour is a pain - especially when switching documents between the panes (ho ho) in split screen. It would be much more convenient (for me, anyway) if the format type was locked to each document, rather than to the editor pane.

There’s no especially good reason for this, to be honest - it’s just how I implemented it. :slight_smile: It might be possible to have the history remember the text mode, or even save the text mode in the properties of the document. I’ll look into it, but can’t promise anything.

That’s all I can ask. Cheers :slight_smile: