Script runs and remains open with Scrivener & 14

When I start Scrivener and .14 a script runs and stays open, from the Windows Command Prompt. I will attach a screen image, to show you what’s happening. If I close the script window, then Scrivener closes as well.
I doubt it’s a fault with Scrivener, or at least it must be dependent on some Windows settings for the desktop PC I’m using, since I also put the same version of Scrivener on a laptop, and it works fine on the laptop.

Most of the messages in the open script are like:- "Info: xxxxx "
But there are some like:-
"Warning: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile "
(which repeats a number of times - see attachment)

It’s not a script, you’ve simply managed to turn on logging mode.

In your Options window, if the following is checked, uncheck it:


Yes, that fixed the “problem”. I’m not sure how I managed to set that logging mode on.
it would be good if the Log that you see has a label eg “Logging Mode On” at the beginning so we might have some clue what it is.